Does Your Child Want Contacts? What To Know

Posted on: 1 March 2016

If your child has been wearing glasses since they were diagnosed with an eye problem, but they are now interested in contacts, you'll want to talk with your eye specialist to reach a verdict. You want to make sure that contacts will be accommodating to your child's vision impairment, and that they are ready for this responsibility.

Children as young as 8 years old can start wearing contacts. This is if the parent thinks they are responsible enough to do so and the eye specialist recommends it. Here are a few things to talk with your eye specialist about.

Corrective Contacts

Could your child's vision be permanently corrected or improved with shaping contacts? These are contacts that don't just help you child see correctly, but they shape the eye at night to prevent vision problems during the day. Talk with the optometrist to see if these are something that would benefit your child, or if your child would be old enough to use these.

Daily Disposables

The daily disposables are great for people just learning how to wear contacts because they are thrown out every night, so you don't have to worry about them getting dirty over time. Also, if something happens and one gets torn, lost or damaged while trying to get them in or throughout the day, it's easy to carry a spare set to use. These are very convenient for kids.

Care Tips

Ask the eye doctor what you can do to make sure that your child isn't compromising the child's ocular hygiene. You can make sure that they are washing their hands and using the proper eye drops to keep the eyes clean and hydrated, and you should explain what can happen if they have dirty fingernails or finger tips. Your eye specialist will show you how to put them in and remove them safely.

If you decide that you want to get your child contacts make sure you keep their glasses in case something happens and they don't like the contacts or if it takes a while for the child's eyes to get used to the contacts. If your child doesn't like the way that they look with their glasses on or the glasses are becoming an inconvenience, it's time to let your child make the decision if they want to wear contacts and make an appointment with their eye doctor to see if it's possible. 

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