Makeup Tips For Those Who Wear Glasses

Posted on: 4 March 2016

If you had just been informed you are in need of corrective lenses, and you selected a pair of glasses to adjust your vision, you may wonder what your options are when wearing cosmetics. Since you have glasses drawing attention to your eye area, the makeup you wear will need to be applied a bit differently to have a favorable appearance. Here are some makeup tips to use when wearing glasses.

Draw Some Attention Downward

If you have thick or dark frames, you will want to draw attention to your lips to compensate for a busy eye area. This will redirect the focal point, balancing the features as a result. Select a pleasing lipstick shade to divert attention downward, away from your glasses. 

You can match the shade of your lipstick with your glasses frames to give your face an overall pleasing look. If you want to play up your lips to draw all attention away from your frames, opt for a bold shade. Generally, reds and purples look nice with dark frames while pinks and peaches look uniform with light frames. 

Keep Eye Makeup Simple

If you overuse cosmetics on your eyes, it will become too overpowering, clashing with your glasses frames, giving you a dramatic appearance as a result. To avoid looking clownish, stay away from bright colors on the eyes. Opt for neutral shades like beige, pink or brown to add color without being too cluttered in the eye area. If you wish to add a bit of definition, use a neutral brown or black mascara on your lashes.

Use Eyeliner Appropriately

The best look for eyeliner when wearing glasses is the traditional cat eye look. The width of the liner should match the width of your frames so your liner is noticed. Draw a line above your upper lashes to draw attention to your eyes instead of to your frames. Black eyeliner works for all skin tones and looks nice with any color or style frame. 

Adjust Eye Size

Using eyeliner, shadow, or mascara on the bottoms of eyes will make the eyes appear smaller if you have lenses for farsightedness. It is best to stay away from bottom color in this case. If you have lenses to correct nearsightedness, apply some color to the bottoms of eyes to make the eyes look larger.

Cover Shadowy Areas

When you wear glasses, the frames will cause the eye area to appear darker due to shadowing. To brighten the eye area, use white eyeliner under your eyes along the bottom lash line. Using a shimmery white eye shadow under the eye will also work at highlighting the eye area instead of leaving it dark in appearance.

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