Selecting The Best Laser Safety Glasses

Posted on: 10 March 2016

Anything from a laser pointer to an industrial laser has the potential to cause eye damage. Lasers have the ability to cause eye damage because the focused light is either too strong or it lasts for too long. By absorbing light, the part of the retina that contains a pigment generates heat. Thermal damage can cause a blank spot that is impossible to treat and has to be replaced. Oftentimes, the damage only takes a few seconds to occur. Therefore, you will need to be careful with the types of glasses you choose to protect your eyes.

Buy High-Quality Lenses

Always purchase high-quality lenses. Lenses that are not considered to be high-quality will wear out sooner and will not adequately protect your eyes from lasers. Purchase multiple pairs for each employee so that none of them are without a pair.

Purchase Glasses For the Types Of Lasers Your Company Uses

Protective eyewear can protect eyes from lasers that are 3b and 4. You will need to find out the wavelength range for different types of lasers. If you are unsure of whether the glasses will be adequate to protect your workers from injury, contact the company to verify the specific types of lasers they can protect eyes from. If you are working with lasers that have more than one wavelength, you may need to order more than one pair of glasses.

Besides the particular wavelength that the glasses protect the wearer from, another characteristic is the optical density. This is the degree to which the lens reduces the laser beam's power. The higher the optical density rating, the safer it will be to use the glasses. An optical rating of 5, for example, is designed for very powerful lasers.

Choose Comfortable Glasses

The glasses should be designed to fit the wearers. If the glasses do not fit properly, it is more likely that they will slide off, risking that a laser will come on contact with the wearer's eyes. How the glasses should be designed is partially based on the facial features of the wearer.

Consider The Peripheral Vision

Besides considering how much your glasses will protect you from lasers, another consideration is how the glasses affect your peripheral vision. While all glasses affect peripheral vision to some extent, glasses that do not obstruct your view can be helpful when carrying out complicated procedures. If your employees complain about not being able to see out of the corner of their eyes, consider purchasing a different type.

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