Choose A Great Pair Of Glasses To Wear When Enjoying The Outdoors

Posted on: 14 July 2016

If you are someone who loves being outdoors and you have less than perfect vision, it may be hard to enjoy the outdoors as much as would like to. There are many options now available when it comes to glasses, and knowing how to choose the right glasses to wear when outdoors can help you ensure that you are as comfortable as you can be at all times and can still see clearly, as well. The guide that follows walks you through a few things to consider when having a set of glasses made for you to be able to wear when you are enjoying the outdoors.

Choose Transitional Lenses

There are lenses available that will transition between dark and light to create the perfect protection for your eyes during your adventures. The transitional lenses get darker when you go into the sun and lighter when there is no direct sunlight. This allows you to have the protection of sunglasses without having to invest or keep up with a set of sunglasses during your activities.

Choose Plastic Lenses

If you are someone who enjoys running, biking, hiking, or playing sports, having plastic lenses in your glasses is something to consider. Plastic lenses do not break as easily as glass lenses, so you do not have to worry about your glasses shattering if they hit the ground while you enjoy one of your favorite outdoor activities. You can still see through plastic lenses just as well as you can glass lenses, but there is less risk of damaging them when you are outdoors.

Choose Bendable Frames

Finally, consider bendable frames for your glasses so that they do not get broken during your outdoor fun. Bendable frames can be bent in just about any and every way without breaking or becoming uneven. The bendable frames snap back into perfect alignment after they bend so that you do not ever have to worry about them fitting improperly. Bendable frames are available in many different colors and are great for children or adults.

Be sure to try on your glasses while you're in the store. If they do not fit properly, the associate at the eyewear store can adjust them to you to ensure a perfect fit. Let the associate know that you are seeking glasses fit for outdoor activity, and they will direct you to options that fit the above criteria. They may even have other ideas for you as well.


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