Things To Know About Cataract Surgery

Posted on: 25 September 2018

If you have cataracts, then this means the lens in your eye is cloudy and you have difficulty seeing. You can have cataract surgery done by a place like Olympia Eye Clinic, Inc., P.S. in which the lens in your eye will be taken out, which removes that cloudiness and a new lens that is an artificial one will be put in its place. This will allow you to once again enjoy clear vision. While it is normal to have reservations about having an eye surgery done, you should know that the surgery is often your best option, as it promises you a chance at enjoying the clear vision you once had again. Here are some things you should know about cataract surgery:

About laser cataract surgery

Now, people who are in need of cataract surgery have an option available to them that people years ago didn't have the option of going with. This option is laser cataract surgery. In this type of cataract surgery, lasers are used to create incisions that let the surgeon reach the lens. Then, the anterior capsule is removed from the lens and the cataract will be fragmented. Finally, the incisions will be created to help prevent the growth of astigmatisms. This is a less invasive form of cataract surgery, which many people prefer.

Recovering from any cataract surgery

No matter what method you choose to go with when it comes to having your cataracts taken care of, you will have some type of recovery. Some things are similar when it comes to cataract surgery and one thing that's similar is it is almost always an outpatient procedure. You will always want to make sure you have a driver there to drive you home after having the procedure done. You will also always want to make sure you are perfectly clear on the medications you should stop ahead of having the surgery done and what time you should stop eating.

You will be given some eye drops to put in your eyes. In fact, you'll probably be sent home with more than one. One will help to keep your eyes feeling better and the other will help to fend off infection. You will also be given a pair of dark glasses you will want to wear while your eyes are still sensitive to light. You'll also have an eye shield you'll need to wear when you sleep, so you don't bump and injure your eye while you are asleep.

Don't be concerned if your vision is blurry and your eyes are very red for a while It can take a few weeks for everything to settle down and for your vision to get to where it will normally be from now on.


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