Does Your Child Want Contacts? What To Know

Posted on: 1 March 2016

If your child has been wearing glasses since they were diagnosed with an eye problem, but they are now interested in contacts, you'll want to talk with your eye specialist to reach a verdict. You want to make sure that contacts will be accommodating to your child's vision impairment, and that they are ready for this responsibility. Children as young as 8 years old can start wearing contacts. This is if the parent thinks they are responsible enough to do so and the eye specialist recommends it.
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Why Are Your Eyes Watering?

Posted on: 15 September 2015

If you find that you are suddenly suffering from a lot of bouts of watery eyes, you want to get to the bottom of what is causing them so you can put an end to it. There are many different possibilities and conditions that can cause watery eyes. This article will go over some of the different things that can cause your eyes to water so you can determine what's causing your problem.
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